EcoHandling has been set-up to encourage and enhance the use of sustainable

products by relying on reusable environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable products


EcoHandling's strategy is to replace one-time-use wood & cardboard products with reliable plastic products

that add value and save packaging, storage, and logistics costs


EcoHandling services Pool, Rent and One Way Service are operated by an experienced-highly qualified team that supports the entire supply chain, based on a web based system which enables full operational monitoring and control.


EcoHandling's solutions include individualized design, supply of products, management & inventory

control, transportation, storage, repair and cleaning


EcoHandling's simple yet efficient solutions will save you money, time and space



Move your shipping costs from an ongoing weight on your margins to a one time investment.


Take yourself to an eco-friendly cost effective future.


The Leading Green Logistics Company​